Welcome To State of Liberty

Hello, my name is Lizzie and I’m the founder of State of Liberty. Incorporating six key elements – yoga, food, meditation, mindfulness, pampering and sleep – we’re creating online wellbeing retreats that give you the freedom to enjoy sustainable wellbeing in your own home.

My personal journey through life has given me a deep connection to a plethora of wellbeing practices. All have had a positive impact on me and are included in our online retreats. I’m excited to share my passion for wellbeing and the numerous benefits of integrating these practices into our everyday lives.


The SOL Blog

We want this blog to be a source of inspiration and expert advice. This will be a safe, supportive space for us to exchange stories, knowledge and expertise. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing insights into each of the six key wellbeing elements and introducing a series of highly knowledgeable experts, otherwise known as the SOL team.

On Tuesdays, we’ll feature short, practical ‘how to’ posts that reflect each of our wellbeing elements. On Fridays, we’ll share a lovely long read for you to savour and enjoy over the weekend.

You’ll also find delicious seasonal recipes and posts focused on creating a happy, healthy home. We’ll be suggesting a range of simple techniques designed to help you establish healthy habits that you can use in your everyday life.

Lizzie making a natural beauty product from simple kitchen ingredients

We live in a very busy, noisy world that’s full of distractions. The information saturated nature of the internet can be overwhelming at times, so we believe it’s important to use it wisely and mindfully.

We love the World Wide Web, it is a powerful tool for connection, but it can easily distract us, stealing the time and space we need to connect with ourselves. We all need to rest and reset occasionally, but this can be tricky with a constant stream of notifications.

With this in mind, we carefully consider how to deliver our content to you in a calm, clear, stress-free way. There will be an element of digital detoxing and we’ll also encourage you to unplug regularly.

Home is a cup of tea

We’re busy creating the first online wellbeing retreats for you and will be sharing our progress along the way. We would love your input and feedback. To stay up-to-date with news of our launch and receive an email when a blog post goes live, sign-up for our newsletter here.

It’s important to us that everyone has the freedom to express themselves, so please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

Love Lizzie xx


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