Five Minute Foot Massage to Improve Sleep

The amount and quality of our sleep is fundamental to our physical and emotional wellbeing. When we don’t get enough quality sleep, our brains aren’t able to function properly during the day. We may find that our resilience is lowered and the stress hormone (cortisol) raised, leading to a feeling of overwhelm and general inability to cope with daily life.

As we move into winter here in the northern hemisphere, our sleep patterns will change as our circadian rhythms adapt to the shift in our environment. Keeping a good connection with nature throughout the winter will help our bodies adjust naturally and allow us to flow more smoothly through the season.

Foot Massage

There are acupuncture points that help encourage sleep located around the ankles and on the bottom of the soles. Rubbing your feet at the end of the day feels lovely and can help relax the rest of your body before bed.

The following massage can also be performed on children, but omit the essential oils unless mixed by a qualified aromatherapist.

Begin by washing your feet in warm water.

Improve sleep with foot massage

Position your feet however they feel comfortable for you to hold. Remember to also support your back.

Improve sleep with foot massage

Use a blend of oil and essential oils and gently rub your feet all over, going up your leg slightly into your calves.

Improve sleep with foot massage

Keep the movements slow, gentle and rhythmic. Be kind to your feet.

Squeeze the soles of your feet with both hands and notice your breathing. Think about taking slower breaths.

Improve sleep with foot massage

Squeeze your heels, then holding the heel of each foot, circle the ankle bones with your thumbs.

Next, using your thumbs, make small circular movements from the inside of your ankles up the inside of your calves, towards your knees.

Find your own way with the massage, improvise if you like, it’s important to find what feels good for you.

Lizzie five minute foot massage

Finish by coming back to the soles of your feet. Make circular movements with your thumbs over and underneath the balls of your feet.

Cosy alpaca wool socks

Squeeze each foot and pop clean socks on to absorb the oils until you go to sleep.

Find out more about our approach to sleep here.

Love the SOL team xx

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