Six Elements of SOL – Pamper

At State of Liberty, we believe self-care should be a way of life. It’s important to identify your needs and create time to meet them, integrating self-care into your daily routine and improving your overall sense of wellbeing.

The pamper element in our online retreats empowers you to carve out time for yourself, slow down, relax and be kind to both your mind and body.

State of Liberty has been designed to deliver vitality and a sense of calm directly to your door. You’ll receive a pamper box with a beautiful selection of organic, natural products, expertly curated to complement the digital content, along with guidance and inspiration to help you create a self-care practice and successfully integrate it into your daily life.

Our Approach

Here at SOL, pampering is simple and essential. It’s not about expensive spa products and elaborate beauty regimes. Instead, we focus on helping you create time and space for yourself to connect with your inner wisdom and nurture your body in a holistic, intuitive way.

A pamper routine doesn’t have to be time consuming. For example, aromatic essential oils can be transformative in just a few moments. Longer, more luxurious sessions are encouraged too, such as a long, hot soak in a bath of Epsom salts with essential oils.

Like a wellbeing self care kit, the SOL pamper box will contain everything you need to create a luxurious pamper session at home including powerful essential aromatic oils and herbal tea blends. Everything has been carefully sourced and designed to support, calm, encourage, enhance and nurture you as you undertake your wellbeing practices.

Bowl of Jojoba oil for pamperEssential oils have long been used for their healing properties, both medicinally and for beauty treatments. They are natural, aromatic, highly concentrated compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers. Oils enhance your environment and are a wonderful way to connect with nature and yourself.

Tea is comforting and calming and can enhance any mood or situation. It has many healing benefits. First, the simple act of stopping and enjoying a peaceful moment, and second, the natural, healing powers of the herbs your tea contains. Both lift your spirit and add to your sense of wellbeing.

Pen McKinley-Rodgers and herbal tea

Introducing Pen McKinley-Rodgers

SOL Pamper Expert Pen McKinley-Rodgers, founder of The Fragrant Apothecary, has an incredible amount of plant knowledge and wisdom to share.

‘I’ve used essential oils for most of my adult life. Over the years I’ve turned to them for many things, from the treatment of cuts and bites to headaches and stomach cramps.

In recent years, I’ve also been exploring the emotional and spiritual essences. I am so passionate about how they can help make us and the world we live in healthier. You will not find me without an oil or two on me at all times now!

I believe that inner health is reflected as outer beauty and nature can provide us with many holistic solutions for our health and wellbeing. I want to help you re-connect with that innate wisdom we all have inside of us. To awaken your intuition and empower you to live the best life possible, naturally.’

Lizzie and Pen creating SOL Pamper box

Love the SOL team xxx

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