A Wellbeing Toolkit for Winter

How are you feeling after the Christmas holidays? Did you manage to carve out time for your wellbeing? Don’t worry if not, it’s understandable that healthy habits might fall away over the party season.

The new year is a great time to come back and connect to yourself, set positive intentions for the year ahead or maybe just for the winter season. As the months progress, you can reflect on these and create new intentions for the spring.

A Tool Kit for Winter Wellbeing

Winter is a time of stillness, a time to rest, slow down, conserve energy, and create space for wellbeing.

As you know, we launched our blog in November. Over the last few months, we’ve introduced our wellbeing experts, shared their wellbeing stories and created a series of simple ‘how-to’ posts designed to support you during the winter months.

Together, these exercises and techniques are a tool kit for winter wellbeing, perfectly complementing each of the six elements in our online retreats.

YogaFive Minute Yoga Sequence to Improve Winter Wellbeing

Winter wellbeing self-care kit

MindfulnessMindful Breathing

Mindfulness for Winter

FoodImmune Boosting Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold for boosting the immune system

MeditationA Simple Meditation Technique for Beginners

Yoga for winter wellbeing

PamperSimple Essential Oil Massage for Winter

Pamper for winter

SleepFive Minute Foot Massage to Improve Sleep

Sleep for winter


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