Essential Oil for Autumn

Available to buy in our brand new online shop, the SOL Autumn Blend is made from the highest quality organic essential oils. Carefully chosen to support you physically, mentally and emotionally, it’s designed to enhance wellbeing practices such as yoga and meditation. It’s the perfect essential oil for autumn.

The State of Liberty Online Shop

The State of Liberty online shop is home to a collection of responsibly sourced, ethical and sustainable wellbeing products for you and your home. Every purchase comes with access to exclusive online content that’s designed to help you effortlessly incorporate the products into your self-care routine.

SOL Autumn Blend

The Autumn Blend is predominantly made up of frankincense and cedarwood, with a splash of mystical palo santo and a warm hint of cardamom to round it off. These oils will support your skin, bolster your immune system, and offer you emotional comfort during a time of change. Change, both inner and outer, isn’t always an easy process and these oils have been chosen to help you embrace the process on every level: physically, mentally and spiritually.

The smell of cedarwood reminds us of autumn with its resinous, fresh, woody aroma. Blended with the warm, spicy scent of frankincense, it’s a perfect match for this time of year. Both oils are astringent and have several components that are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and will help protect and repair skin cells. These toning and invigorating qualities are a great support against the changing temperatures at this time of year.

Autumn also brings with it a time of introspection and sometimes sadness, as the abundance of colour and vitality from summer starts to give way to something a little quieter and more subdued. To counter this adjustment, the grounding aromas of both frankincense and cedarwood have a relaxing, sedative quality that can help release nervous tension, anxiety and stress, allowing us to open up to what the new season has to offer.

This can be an illuminating time if we give ourselves space for reflection, so we also added palo santo to the blend. Also known as ‘Holy Wood’, and from the same botanical family as frankincense, palo santo is a sacred aromatic treasure.

Rich in limonene, it is uplifting and balancing for our nervous system, promoting mental alertness whilst soothing anxiety. It can dispel negativity, encourage connection with ourselves and others, and is a valuable oil for meditation and mindfulness practice.

Finally, to liven things up a little, we’ve added a hint of cardamom. Used extensively as a culinary spice, this essential oil is spicy, refreshing and invigorating. It has a soothing and uplifting emotional effect that can also help reduce anxiety and combat mental fatigue. Emotionally, it can bring balance and clarity by helping us to work through and release unhelpful emotions.

All the essential oils have antimicrobial properties that will support our immune system during this time of seasonal transition. They also have a stimulating effect on our respiratory system which will help combat congestion and fight viruses, whether you use it topically or aromatically,

In short, this comforting oil will give you the feeling of a warm hug. It will allow you to look forward to a cosy winter, but not before stopping to enjoy the magic of autumn.

How to Use Your Autumn Blend

Oils enhance your environment and are a wonderful way to connect with nature and yourself. This particular blend may assist you in letting go of negative emotions and stagnation. It can also help you make space to receive new, positive feelings, and energise you for a more productive season ahead.

If you have a diffuser or oil burner, enjoy the divine fragrance while using it to create a calming atmosphere. The oil can also be diluted with fractionated coconut oil and rubbed directly on to your hands, wrists or neck. Alternatively, you can put a single drop on to your sleeve, collar, yoga mat or pillow.

The Autumn Blend is also available as part of the SOL Pamper Box with an apothecary of organic base ingredients and recipes for you to make your own fresh and natural skincare products. The box contains:

  • SOL Autumn Blend
  • 1/2 kilo of epsom salts for your bath and body scrub
  • 60ml bottle of fractionated coconut oil for your essential oil massage
  • 60ml bottle of white kaolin clay for your face mask
  • Pure linen face cloth
  • SOL Autumn Blend scented candle

Love Lizzie and the SOL team x

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