The Wellbeing Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?

The term ‘capsule wardrobe’ was originally coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a popular London boutique during the 1970s. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a small collection of essential items of clothing that never go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can be paired with trend-led, seasonal pieces.

In recent years, the term has come to refer to a collection of clothing composed exclusively of interchangeable items, thoughtfully curated to maximise the number of outfits that can be created. The overall aim is to have an outfit suitable for any occasion without owning an excessive amount of clothing. This is usually achieved by consuming less and limiting purchases to key pieces and staple items in coordinating colours.

What Are the Wellbeing Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe?

‘Those who adopt minimalist principles in their wardrobe choices are discovering more productivity, less stress, less distraction, less expense, and more peace.’ – Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist

As most of us only wear 20% of the clothes we own, creating a capsule wardrobe doesn’t necessarily involve a huge lifestyle shift. Instead, it’s about being more intentional with what we wear, how we shop, and the clothes we decide to keep.

An overflowing wardrobe, and clutter in general, has a profound effect on our mental health. Researchers at UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) discovered a link between high cortisol levels in female homeowners and a high amount of household objects. Essentially, the more stuff we own, the more stress we feel.

As well as freeing up physical space in the home, adopting a capsule wardrobe can help create headspace too. Reducing decision fatigue and simplifying the way you get dressed gives you more mental energy for other, more meaningful choices throughout the day.

Streamlining your wardrobe can also save you both time and money. By resisting the lure of fast fashion, ignoring trends and becoming a more mindful consumer, your wardrobe becomes a place where everything fits and feels good.

After defining your style and establishing which clothes you need, you’re less likely to regret your shopping choices or fall for pieces you’ll never wear. In turn, this reduces feelings of guilt or ‘buyer’s remorse’. Editing your collection of clothes and accessories may lead to a smaller laundry pile too!

the benefits of a capsule wardrobe

Where Do I Start?

Autumn is an ideal time to declutter your home and create more space, both physically and emotionally. There are numerous ways to develop a capsule wardrobe and a wealth of resources online to guide you through the process. Here are some of our favourites:

Do you think you’d benefit from a more minimalist capsule wardrobe?

Love the SOL team xxx

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