How to Create a Home that Supports Your Wellbeing

At State of Liberty, we believe self-care is a way of life and that the best place to start is in the home.  Your home environment can greatly enhance your sense of wellbeing, support your self-care practices and nourish you.

Clearing and letting go of unwanted and unused belongings, or cleaning and adding fresh flowers, can transform the atmosphere, helping us move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to feeling light and inspired.

In short, creating a safe, supportive and inspiring space in your home is a key part of establishing a regular wellbeing routine.

So, does your home support your wellbeing?

Do you have a quiet corner to retreat to?

Do you have a space to practise yoga or meditate without being disturbed?

Do you have a calm and relaxing bedroom for a restful night’s sleep?

I know that I am more likely to practise yoga, have a productive week and sleep well when my environment supports me.

What if your home doesn’t feel like a haven? How do you begin to create a space that supports your wellbeing?

Firstly, think about how you would like each space to feel, focus on one room or area at a time and start by asking yourself the following questions:

How would you like to feel in that room?

Does the room feel like it meets your current needs and wishes?

How could you change the space to one where you can thrive?

Remember, the goal is not to have a perfect sparkling house, that can feel like another laborious task to add to your to-do list. The intention is to create a welcoming space where you feel relaxed and your mind is calm.

Mindful Cleaning

Practising mindfulness while cleaning and clearing helps us approach tasks in a peaceful, calm way. It helps us focus our attention on the here and now and it can be done anywhere at any time, even while pushing a vacuum. You can find a simple mindful breathing exercise here.

Clear the Clutter

Visual noise sends stress levels soaring, so if your home is cluttered and chaotic, it can leave you feeling worried, sad or overwhelmed.

Start small and begin by tackling one area at a time. Try clearing a single drawer or your bedside table, light a candle, add fresh flowers and create a peaceful atmosphere; it’s a good visual reminder to prioritise your self-care at the end of the day and when you wake up in the morning.

Enjoy the feeling of achievement and use it as motivation to continue de-cluttering.

Focus on Comfort

Spend some time assessing the physical comfort of your home. Consider things like temperature, lighting, furniture, and floors. Are there any simple changes that will make your home feel cosier? Soft blankets, a small rug beside your bed, lamps and candles instead of bright overhead lights are good places to start.

Delight Your Senses

Being intentional about how your home looks can have a huge impact on how you feel while you’re there. Choose colours and textures you love for walls and furnishings. Display treasured photos and objects where you’ll see them often.

Diffuse essential oils whenever you can, it is one of the quickest and most effective ways to positively change the atmosphere and create a homely feeling.

Bring the Outside In

Indoor plants have a significant impact on our wellbeing; not only do they decorate your space, some varieties clean the air of toxins. Gardening is usually associated with outdoor spaces, but you can get many of the same holistic health benefits from gardening indoors. Spending a few minutes to water and tend to plants can provide you with consistent moments of calm.

If your home benefits from views of trees or nature, place a comfortable chair where you can enjoy them. Consider using this spot for your self-care practices like meditation, journaling, or yoga.

Let There Be (Natural) Light

Exposure to natural light is associated with improved mood, enhanced morale and lower fatigue. It can be hard to come by during autumn and winter, so it’s important to maximise what you have.

Try using mirrors to bounce light around you home and opt for light colours and fabrics where you can. Keep an eye out for any obstacles that may be blocking your windows and keep windowsills clear and clutter-free.

Be Patient

It can take time to create a home that supports your wellbeing. Be patient and let the space evolve at its own pace. You don’t need to do everything at once. Start with a cosy corner, grab a snuggly blanket, diffuse essential oils, light some candles and spend some time reading about how to create a mindful kitchen and a capsule wardrobe.

Love the SOL team xx

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