A Wellbeing Toolkit for Autumn

At State of Liberty, our online wellbeing retreats and simple self-care techniques are inspired by and aligned with the seasons. Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements Theory also influence our approach. This ancient system encourages us to follow the natural seasons, rhythms and cycles of our planet to support balance in our bodies and minds.

Autumn, with its clear blue skies and fresh air, is governed by the metal element. Metal relates to the emotion of grief, to the lungs, skin and large intestine, and to immunity, boundaries and purification.

As the year’s cycle comes to an end, autumn is a time for getting your affairs in order. It’s an ideal season for purifying and eliminating anything you don’t want or need, and clearing the decks in time for winter’s period of stillness and deep restoration.

A Wellbeing Toolkit for Autumn

We’ve created a Wellbeing Toolkit for Autumn that includes small acts of self-care connected to each of our six wellbeing elements. Our main focus this season has been the concept of creating space, both physically and mentally


Practising yoga connects us to the breath. It also brings our attention to the parts of the body that allow us to exhale and inhale fully. But paying attention to your breath doesn’t have to be reserved for yoga. In this post, Lizzie shares some simple tips to help you start noticing your breath and reclaim a feeling of spaciousness.


Most people understand the benefits of eating balanced, nourishing foods, but the prospect of creating a healthy meal can feel overwhelming when you’re tired, busy or stressed. A well-stocked, mindful kitchen makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. As well as saving money and producing less waste, you’ll be less likely to snack on processed convenience foods. Discover Lizzie’s top tips and learn how to create your own mindful kitchen.


Our minds are rarely quiet. Questions, ideas, thoughts and plans constantly flow through our consciousness, often with little order or purpose. But knowing how to clear your mind and create headspace can improve your wellbeing in so many ways.


SOL nutrition expert Florence Neville tells you what to eat in autumn and shares advice and ideas to help you feel nourished and content throughout the season.


Essential Oil for Autumn

Available to buy in our brand new online shop, the SOL Autumn Blend is made from the highest quality organic essential oils. Predominantly made up of frankincense and cedarwood, the blend also contains a splash of mystical palo santo and a warm hint of cardamom to round it off. These oils will support your skin, bolster your immune system, and offer you emotional comfort during a time of change. It’s the perfect essential oil for autumn.


SOL expert Florence Neville shares how to sleep well in autumn, focusing on a few simple techniques that can make a big difference at this time of year.

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