Essential Oil for Spring

Spring is synonymous with renewal. Along with the seasonal changes around us, we feel our bodies awaken. This is the time of year to plant the seeds of intention for what we wish to nurture and grow in the coming months.

The tradition of spring cleaning can be applied to our bodies and minds too. You can use this time to not only get rid of physical clutter that has accumulated over the winter months, but also to explore and connect with our dreams for the future and align ourselves with that vision.

Essential oils have long been used for their healing properties, both medicinally and for beauty treatments. They are natural, aromatic, highly concentrated compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers.

Oils enhance your environment and are a wonderful way to connect with nature and yourself. The oils can assist you in letting go of negative emotions and stagnation, making space to receive new, positive feelings and energising you for a more productive season ahead.

Lemon Essential Oil for Spring

Lemon oil has a variety of uses and benefits. With a clean, fresh, citrus aroma, lemon is known for its purifying properties. Often used in cleaning products and air purifiers, lemon has distinct cleansing and deodorizing characteristics that make it a popular choice for cleaning surfaces and purifying the air.

The crisp scent of lemon oil can provide the perfect start to your day during spring. Simply apply 1-2 drops onto a face cloth and take the time to inhale the sweet, fresh aroma as you rinse it under the hot water before washing your face in the morning.  Alternatively, if you have a shower in the morning, you can apply 2-3 drops directly on the floor of the shower (not in the direct flow of water) for a shower steam.

Please be aware that lemon is a phototoxic essential oil which can cause burning, blistering, and skin discolouration in reaction to sunlight, but only at certain dilutions.  If you are ever inclined to use lemon essential oil on parts of your body that will be exposed to sunlight, be sure to blend 12 drops or less per 30 ml of carrier.

Seasonal Self-Care Box 

The pampering element of our Spring Home Retreat will empower you to carve out time for yourself, slow down, relax and be kind to both your mind and body.

The State of Liberty Self-Care Box contains everything you need for a restful and restorative pamper session in your own home.

With organic ingredients carefully sourced and expertly curated to complement the digital content in our online home retreats, the box includes a seasonal blend of essential oils to support, encourage and nurture you as you undertake your wellbeing practices.

The Spring Blend has been created to help amplify the season’s energy while also providing some gentle, yet powerful immunity protection. 

Lavender is the queen of essential oils, encouraging balance in all our body systems, and is a healing tonic for body and mind. It restores vitality and is perfect as we come out of hibernation to greet spring.

Lemon has a crisp, fresh scent which improves focus and inspires joyful involvement in the present moment. It is an immune system stimulant which protects and nourishes the liver, reduces tension and expands our energy.

Sweet Orange hints at the summer months around the corner and supports us in unblocking and releasing stagnation, helps to support the immune system and promotes wellbeing.

Pamper Box

SOL Spring Self-Care Box contains:

An apothecary of organic base ingredients and recipes for you to make your own fresh and natural skincare products.

1/2 kilo of epsom salts for your bath and body scrub

60ml bottle of fractionated coconut oil for your essential oil massage

60ml bottle of white kaolin clay for your face mask

5ml bottle of Spring Essential Oil Blend

Spring Blend scented candle for your pamper session and candlelight meditation

Pure linen face cloth

Your pamper session includes a clay face mask and salt body scrub followed by a hot soak in an epsom salt bath and a massage. All four together will leave your skin feeling cleansed and nourished and your body and mind relaxed.

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